Where Do You File For Divorce?

Are you considering divorce but have questions about where to file the paperwork? Watch this video by dedicated Rochester divorce attorney Michelle Cimino to learn more about the process of filing for divorce in New York.

In terms of where to file for a divorce, we typically file in the county where one of the parties resides, and that can be either the plaintiff or the defendant. Every case is unique and dependent on a variety of factors and circumstances which we can certainly explore when you come into the office for a free initial consultation.

Going through a divorce is emotionally draining, and it can be financially painful as well if you do not have proper representation. Instead of filing yourself, contact The Cimino Law Firm. Our Rochester divorce lawyer will represent your best interests in the divorce proceedings. With our help, you can finally put this moment in time behind you.

Divorce might be painful, but we mitigate the pain with compassionate services and legal expertise. Schedule your confidential consultation today and let our experience work for you.

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