What to Do After Being Served with a Divorce Complaint

Were you recently served with a divorce complaint and are unsure how to proceed? Watch this video by dedicated Rochester divorce attorney Michelle Cimino to learn what steps to take to properly protect your rights and your interests when being served with divorce papers.

A common question I get asked is what do I do after I’ve been served with a divorce complaint. The first thing you need to do is contact an attorney because there are specific time limitations involved in how you respond to that complaint and how we can possibly negotiate a better outcome for you that’s less expensive and less time-consuming.

Choosing the right Rochester divorce lawyer is the most crucial step in proceeding with your divorce. The Cimino Law Firm stands out as a leader in Rochester and the surrounding areas.

First, we understand that you are worried about the cost of divorce. To mitigate the cost, we offer confidential phone consultations. You will speak to an experienced family law attorney during the meeting and get a better idea of how to move forward with your case.

Schedule your confidential consultation today and let our experience work for you.

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