What If I Want A Divorce But Can’t Locate My Spouse?

Are you interested in filing for divorce but can’t locate your spouse? Maybe they live in another state, maybe you’ve just lost contact. Whatever the reason, we can help you obtain a divorce in New York despite not knowing where your spouse is. Watch this video by Michelle Cimino, Esq. an experienced divorce attorney in Rochester, NY to learn more.

If you want a divorce and you cannot locate your spouse, there are ways to obtain a divorce in that situation. One of the most popular ways to do that is a divorce by publication, which requires permission from a court, and we can explore those options when you come in to discuss the issue further.

Going through a divorce is more than a legal procedure. It is emotional for all involved, and the team at The Cimino Law Firm understands that. Along with representing our clients, we are here for each person we serve on an emotional level.

Schedule a confidential consultation with attorney Michelle Cimino to learn more about achieving a divorce despite not being able to locate your spouse. Let her 20+ years of experience work for you.

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