What Is Divorce Mediation?

Are you considering divorce and have questions about divorce mediation? Watch this video by dedicated Rochester divorce lawyer Michelle Cimino to learn about the collaborative process that can help resolve issues between two parties and make your divorce go smoothly. If you still have questions after watching this video, contact our divorce lawyers in Rochester, NY for a confidential consultation.

A common question I’m asked is what is divorce mediation and can it help my case. Mediation is a voluntary process that both parties have to agree to participate in, and it results in a non-binding agreement. We can discuss those options and whether you want to pursue mediation prior to seeing an attorney, or if you want to involve mediation in the process, or if you just want to proceed with an attorney and proceed in a collaborative fashion to achieve the same results.

Divorce mediation is often more affordable, and instead of being adversarial, the two parties work together to reach an agreement. The divorcing parties have the power in these proceedings instead of a judge.

We can help you alleviate the stress and minimize the contention during your divorce. Contact us today to schedule a confidential consultation with dedicated Rochester divorce lawyer Michelle Cimino.

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