What Are The Grounds for Divorce in New York?

Are you considering a divorce and have questions as to what qualifies as a grounds for divorce in New York State? Watch this video by Michelle Cimino, Esq. to learn more about the requirements for filing for divorce in New York State and whether you need specific legal grounds to start the process. Contact our divorce lawyers in Rochester, NY for a confidential consultation and let our experience work for you.

A common question I’m asked is what are the grounds for divorce in New York State. There are seven grounds in New York; however, we now have no-fault divorces, meaning you don’t have to allege a bunch of specific reasons why you’re getting a divorce.

If your marriage has broken down and no person was at fault, you can file a divorce on the grounds of an irretrievable breakdown in the relationship. You must meet the specific criteria for filing for this divorce. Your divorce must have been broken down beyond the point of repair for a minimum of six months.

If you are considering a divorce and have questions about the requirements to file for divorce in New York, please contact my office to arrange a confidential consultation and we can go over any questions you may have about grounds for divorce in further detail.

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