Military Divorce Considerations

Military divorce rates are high for a myriad of reasons. Military couples experience more stress than civilian couples do. The time away, the stress of combat, and lack of routine puts these marriages in peril. If you are one of the many military couples considering divorce, you want to know how to move forward, and we can help. Read on to learn about the military divorce considerations you need to know about before proceeding with your case. If you still have questions after watching this video, contact our divorce lawyers in Rochester, NY for a confidential consultation.

If you’re facing a divorce and either you or your spouse is serving in the military, there are many special considerations applied to these cases. Please contact my office for further information.

Many civilian spouses wonder how they can give divorce papers to an active-duty member of the military. Is it possible to begin the divorce proceedings when the military spouse is serving outside of the state of New York?

We can help you answer your questions regarding military divorce and how to proceed. Schedule a confidential phone consultation with our office today and let our experience work for you.

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