Do You Offer Payment Plans for Divorce

Are you considering a divorce but have concerns about how much it will cost? Watch this video by dedicated Rochester divorce lawyer Michelle Cimino to learn about the available payment plans for divorce offered by The Cimino Law Firm. Schedule a confidential consultation today to learn more.

With respect to cost of a divorce, many clients need payment plans and that’s understandable because they can be time consuming, and the more time involved usually means the more money involved. We do offer payment plans that depend on the type of case and the complexity of the issues, so we can, again, discuss that during an initial consultation and review what options might be available to you.

We understand that you are worried about the cost of divorce. To mitigate the cost, we offer confidential phone consultations. You will speak to an experienced family law attorney during the meeting and get a better idea of how to move forward with your case.

Our experience is also worth noting. While some law firms are just starting, we have worked in family law for more than 20 years. Contact our divorce lawyers in Rochester, NY to arrange your confidential consultation and learn about our payment plans for divorce.

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