Questions to Ask a Divorce Lawyer During the Initial Consultation

If you are considering divorce, you likely have lots of questions to ask your divorce lawyer. Issues may arise that you may not have even considered so it’s important to be prepared for your initial consultation with a divorce lawyer so you know what to ask to ensure your rights and interests are protected. Watch this video to learn more about what to ask a divorce lawyer during an initial consultation.

In terms of questions that you should ask your divorce attorney at the initial consultation, in particular, would be questions about the length of time it will take; the cost, obviously; custody issues; what to expect during court proceedings; what to expect from the attorney involved on the other side or the judge, if we have one; and just any issues of particular concern that you think may be coming up in your case.

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First, we understand that you are worried about the cost of divorce. To mitigate the cost, we offer confidential phone consultations. You will speak to an experienced family law attorney during the meeting and get a better idea of how to move forward with your case.

Our experience is also worth noting. While some law firms are just starting, we have worked in family law for more than 20 years. If you are looking for answers to your questions, schedule a confidential consultation today with Michelle Cimino, Esq. an experienced divorce attorney in Rochester, NY.

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