Do You Have to Go to Court for a Divorce?

Are you considering divorce but dread having to go to court? Many people don’t realize that you do not always have to go to court for a divorce and there are ways to finalize a divorce while completely avoiding the stress of court proceedings. Watch this video by dedicated Rochester divorce lawyer Michelle Cimino to learn how to avoid court when going through a divorce.

One of my clients’ main concerns is do I have to go to court, and, if I have to go, what’s going to happen. Most of my cases do not involve going to court. You have to go to court when you have a major issue that’s in disagreement or, most commonly, when you have custody and visitation issues that just can’t be sorted out between the attorneys, but, in the majority of the situations, we can resolve those issues through negotiations and avoid the time and expense of going to court.

An uncontested divorce is the easiest. This occurs when the parties agree to move forward with the divorce. A contested divorce occurs when one side disagrees with either the divorce or an aspect of it, such as financial support, division of assets, and child custody.

If you are considering a divorce and want to avoid divorce court, contact our office today and let us help negotiate the primary issues on your behalf so you can avoid court and move on with your life. Call today for a confidential consultation with an experienced divorce attorney in Rochester, NY.

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