What Is An Uncontested Divorce?

Rochester Divorce Lawyer Explains Uncontested Divorce

Are you considering divorce and have questions about uncontested divorce vs. contested divorce? With over 20 years of experience handling divorce and family law matters, Michelle Cimino can provide the guidance you need. Watch this video to learn more about the differences between grounds for divorce in New York.

A lot of times I get asked what an uncontested divorce means. An uncontested divorce simply means that there are issues that have not been resolved or have not been agreed to by the parties. That sometimes dictates how long the divorce will take and how smoothly the process will go.

An uncontested divorce is the easiest form of divorce. This occurs when the parties agree to move forward with the divorce and have most of the details figured out in terms of division of assets, etc. A contested divorce occurs when one side disagrees with either the divorce or an aspect of it, such as financial support, division of assets, and child custody.

If you are considering divorce, Rochester divorce lawyer Michelle Cimino can help you through the emotional ups and downs while fighting for you. Through proper negotiation, we can help you achieve your desired outcome.

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