What Is National Origin Discrimination?

Sadly, some employers discriminate against people based on national origin. If you’re a victim of national origin discrimination, we can help protect your rights, and hold your employer accountable. Schedule a confidential consultation with dedicated Rochester employment lawyer Michelle Cimino today. Let her experience work for you.

A lot of people have questions about national origin discrimination, and that is being treated differently because of your country of origin, the way you speak and your culture. If you feel like you’re being discriminated because of national origin, please give my office a call to arrange a confidential consultation and we’ll discuss your rights.

If you are a victim of national origin discrimination, you are not alone. In 2016, close to 10,000 people filed national origin discrimination claims with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The Cimino Law Firm will be your advocate during the legal process and fight to protect your rights against national origin discrimination in the workplace.

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