What If My Boss Is Sexually Harassing Me?

Sexual harassment is incredibly painful. It makes you feel powerless and hopeless. When it comes from your boss, it can be even harder to come forward for fear of losing your job. Watch this video to find out what you can do if your boss is sexually harassing you in the workplace.

A common question I’m asked is what should I do if my boss is the one who is sexually harassing me, or how do I go about reporting incidents of sexual harassment. Every case is unique and fact-dependent, so I would encourage you to come in and we’ll discuss all of the options available to you.

Unfortunately, some employers choose to retaliate against the victim instead of punishing the preparator. Countless people have reported their employers have retaliated by firing or demoting them. Others have made the workplace so hostile after the report that they have no way to continue working there.

We can help protect you against sexual harassment in the workplace, and ensure there is no retaliation for reporting it. Contact us today to arrange a confidential consultation with dedicated Rochester employment lawyer Michelle Cimino. Let her experience work for you.

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