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Enforcing Child Support in Rochester, NY | Rochester Divorce Lawyer

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Whether you’re going through a divorce or the parent of your child has no desire to support your kid, you may feel stuck and struggling to care for your child in the most essential ways. Plenty of people around the nation share a similar story. Thankfully, there are ways for enforcing child support requirements and allowing your child’s other parent to contribute financially to their wellbeing. Before you understand how child support can be enforced, it’s vital that you understand the background behind child support.

What is Child Support?

In its most basic terms, child support is an ongoing and periodic payment that is made by a parent for their child, after a marriage or other form of relationship with the other parent ends. Those most frequently required to pay child support are the non-custodial parents. This means that if you don’t have custody of your child, you are likely going to have to pay child support. This child support covers a kid’s basic needs including food, shelter, and clothing. Those that are going through a divorce or break-up are likely the ones to file for child support, as after custody is determined, there is an immediate need to provide for the child at hand. If you’re having trouble enforcing child support, we can help!

Establishing Child Support

If you’re just starting out with this process, you may be wondering how you can establish child support. This is a long process, but if you stick through it, you will get your much-needed support. The first step to establishing child support is through getting a court order. To do this, either you and your child’s other parent can come to an agreement of an appropriate amount, which a judge must approve and turn into a court order, or a judge will have to decide for you if you can’t come to an agreement. Attorneys can often help guide you through this process, as it can be tolling.

How to implement Child Support

Once child support is established, the next step is enforcing it. Because child support is a court mandated order, it is not optional. This means that the person who was ordered to pay child support must pay unless they’ll be held to substantial ramifications. The first step you should take to enforce child support, if the order is not obeyed, is by reaching out to your local Office of Child Support Services.

The delinquent parent can be subject to a variety of enforcement tactics. Some of these include wage deductions, federal income tax intercepts, driver’s license suspensions and revocations, passport restrictions, and being held in contempt of court. These conditions are determined by the Office of Child Support Services in hopes to get your child the support that they deserve.

Getting Help

Sometimes, handling and enforcing child support issues on your own can be grueling and difficult. If you’re having trouble handling issues of child support on your own, there are ways to get help. First, remember not to hesitate when reaching out to your local Office of Child Support Services. This is a great tool in ensuring the other parent of your child does not get away with their delinquency.

Alternatively, you can hire an attorney to help you through the process. The Cimino Law Firm is a great place to start.

Located in Rochester, divorce attorney Michelle Cimino has over 20 years of experience in her field. The Cimino Law Firm is a great resource if you don’t know where to head next. We offer confidential consultations for all of our first-time clients. During this appointment, we’ll sit down and discuss what we can do for you and come up with a plan for future action. If you’re ready for assistance with your child support dispute, contact us today for your confidential consultation.

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