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Uncontested Divorce in Rochester, NY

Uncontested Divorce Attorney | Divorce Lawyers in Rochester, NY

Uncontested Divorce in Rochester, NY It’s easy to feel out of control when you’re going through a divorce. Some situations may be out of your power, but others you have direct control over. One of these is the type of divorce you choose. If you and your soon to be former spouse both agree that […]

Enforcing Child Support in Rochester, NY

Enforcing Child Support in Rochester, NY | Rochester Divorce Lawyer

Need Help Enforcing Child Support? Schedule A Free Consultation Today! Whether you’re going through a divorce or the parent of your child has no desire to support your kid, you may feel stuck and struggling to care for your child in the most essential ways. Plenty of people around the nation share a similar story. […]

Divorce Arbitration in Rochester, NY

Divorce Arbitration in Rochester, NY Rochester Divorce Lawyers

Dedicated Family Lawyer Providing Divorce Arbitration in Rochester, NY Divorce can be a difficult and stressful time in life. While there are multiple ways to go about getting a divorce in the United States and still achieve the same outcome, there are two negotiation tactics that can produce different consequences. They are known as divorce […]

Rochester Divorce Attorney

Rochester Divorce Attorney | Rochester Divorce & Family Lawyer

Rochester Divorce Attorney Getting a divorce can often be one of the most stressful and complicated times in life. After all, when you first get married, you likely don’t think about splitting up in the future. Because these times can be so tough, it could help to have someone in your corner to explain the […]

Rochester Family Lawyer

Rochester Family Lawyer Family Law Attorney Free Consultation

Rochester Family Lawyer Helping You Move Forward When issues arise in the home, they may only be settled with a family lawyer. Essentially, family lawyers are legally trained professionals that handle matters of family law. This means that as long as an issue falls under the category of family law, a family lawyer may be […]

Rochester Divorce Attorney: A Clients Guide

Rochester Divorce Attorney A Clients Guide Divorce Lawyer in Rochester

Looking For An Experienced Rochester Divorce Attorney? Find Out What You Need To Know Although it may be the furthest thing from your mind on your wedding day — marriage is a legal agreement. Once you say “I do,” you become a part of a legal entity that consists of yourself and your spouse. Your […]

Coronavirus Family Law Guide


How To Protect Your Family During The Coronavirus Pandemic This is not intended to be legal advice and is a summary of FAQ based on the most recent laws and executives orders available as of 4/2/20. PREVENTATIVE MEASURES Q: What should I be thinking about in relation to protecting my child from Coronavirus? What items […]

How is a 401K Handled in Divorce?

How is a 401K Handled in Divorce Rochester Divorce & Family Lawyer

How is a 401K Handled in Divorce? Divorce settlements can be excruciating. They often last an extended period of time and lead to an excess amount of stress and confusion. There’s a lot to know about what you or your soon-to-be ex is entitled to in a divorce. One major question that prevails through divorce […]

What is Marital Abandonment?

What is Marital Abandonment Rochester Divorce & Family Lawyer

What is Marital Abandonment? When you get married, you rarely think that you and your spouse will run into significant issues. After all, people get married to stay together for life. Unfortunately, unexpected events and situations can occur that lead to marital issues. If this happens, you and your spouse may decide to break up. […]

Are Debts Divided in Divorce?

Are Debts Divided in Divorce? | Rochester Divorce & Family Lawyer

Are Debts Divided in Divorce? When going through a divorce, it’s important to understand exactly what you and your current spouse are entitled to. New York State happens to be an equal division property state which means that every marital property gets split equally to ensure a fair and equal separation. But does this apply […]