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Settling Your Mediated Divorce

In most cases, divorce is an unpleasant circumstance that no one wants to deal with. [...]

Parental Alienation: What You Can Do About It

Raising children is not easy and requires good faith behavior on the part of both [...]

Exploring Shared Residency

Shared residency has quickly become a popular option for divorcing parents. However, despite the benefits [...]

Webster Divorce Lawyer Explains The Divorce Process

A divorce is the legal termination of a marriage. Many people get divorced in their [...]

Property Division and Divorce

How is Property Divided in Divorce? Experienced Rochester Divorce Lawyer Explains Property Division and Divorce [...]

Military Divorce Lawyer

Military Divorce Lawyer The end of a marriage is always complicated. Of course, if you [...]

Free Divorce Consultation

Free Divorce Consultation Let us take a wild guess here? Right now, you are reading this [...]

Family Law Attorneys

Family Law Attorneys Families disagree all the time. Sometimes, disagreements get quickly sorted out on [...]

Spousal Maintenance in Rochester, NY

Dedicated Rochester Divorce Lawyer Explains Spousal Maintenance vs. Spousal Support Spousal maintenance, sometimes referred to [...]

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Uncontested Divorce in Rochester, NY

Uncontested Divorce in Rochester, NY It’s easy to feel out of control when you’re going [...]

Enforcing Child Support in Rochester, NY

Need Help Enforcing Child Support? Schedule A Confidential Consultation Today! Whether you’re going through a [...]

Divorce Arbitration in Rochester, NY

Dedicated Family Lawyer Providing Divorce Arbitration in Rochester, NY Divorce can be a difficult and [...]

Rochester Family Lawyer

Rochester Family Lawyer Helping You Move Forward When issues arise in the home, they may [...]

Should I Hire A Female Divorce Attorney?

Dedicated Female Divorce Attorney Serving Rochester, NY Selecting a divorce attorney for your family law [...]

Rochester Divorce Attorney: A Clients Guide

Looking For An Experienced Rochester Divorce Attorney? Find Out What You Need To Know Although [...]

Coronavirus Family Law Guide

How To Protect Your Family During The Coronavirus Pandemic This is not intended to be [...]

New York Family Law Guide

Family law issues are often stressful for all parties involved. Whether you are going through [...]