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Uncontested Divorce in Rochester, NY

Uncontested Divorce Attorney | Divorce Lawyers in Rochester, NY

Uncontested Divorce in Rochester, NY It’s easy to feel out of control when you’re going through a divorce. Some situations may be out of your power, but others you have direct control over. One of these is the type of divorce you choose. If you and your soon to be former spouse both agree that […]

Enforcing Child Support in Rochester, NY

Enforcing Child Support in Rochester, NY | Rochester Divorce Lawyer

Need Help Enforcing Child Support? Schedule A Free Consultation Today! Whether you’re going through a divorce or the parent of your child has no desire to support your kid, you may feel stuck and struggling to care for your child in the most essential ways. Plenty of people around the nation share a similar story. […]

Divorce Arbitration in Rochester, NY

Divorce Arbitration in Rochester, NY Rochester Divorce Lawyers

Dedicated Family Lawyer Providing Divorce Arbitration in Rochester, NY Divorce can be a difficult and stressful time in life. While there are multiple ways to go about getting a divorce in the United States and still achieve the same outcome, there are two negotiation tactics that can produce different consequences. They are known as divorce […]

Rochester Family Lawyer

Rochester Family Lawyer Family Law Attorney Free Consultation

Rochester Family Lawyer Helping You Move Forward When issues arise in the home, they may only be settled with a family lawyer. Essentially, family lawyers are legally trained professionals that handle matters of family law. This means that as long as an issue falls under the category of family law, a family lawyer may be […]

Should I Hire A Female Divorce Attorney?

Female Divorce Attorney in Rochester, NY Divorce Lawyers Rochester

Dedicated Female Divorce Attorney Serving Rochester, NY Selecting a divorce attorney for your family law case is one of the most important things you may do, as it will impact every facet of your life, including your children, your emotions, and your finances. Having an experienced advocate on your side during this trying time is […]

Rochester Divorce Attorney: A Clients Guide

Rochester Divorce Attorney A Clients Guide Divorce Lawyer in Rochester

Looking For An Experienced Rochester Divorce Attorney? Find Out What You Need To Know Although it may be the furthest thing from your mind on your wedding day — marriage is a legal agreement. Once you say “I do,” you become a part of a legal entity that consists of yourself and your spouse. Your […]

New York Family Law Guide

New York Family Law Guide - Rochester Divorce Attorney - The Cimino Law Firm

Family law issues are often stressful for all parties involved. Whether you are going through a divorce, fighting for child support, or trying to get custody of your kids, you can’t help but worry about the outcome. We understand how stressful this is, and we have the compassion and experience necessary to make the process […]