Should I Hire A Female Divorce Attorney?

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Dedicated Female Divorce Attorney Serving Rochester, NY

Selecting a divorce attorney for your family law case is one of the most important things you may do, as it will impact every facet of your life, including your children, your emotions, and your finances. Having an experienced advocate on your side during this trying time is crucial, and dedicated female divorce attorney Michelle Cimino understands how important and difficult this time in her clients’ lives is. She has been practicing divorce and family law in Rochester, NY for over 22 years. She aggressively advocates on behalf of her clients with compassion and confidentiality with a dedication to ensuring your rights are protected.

Many clients strategically choose the gender of their attorney for a variety of reasons. Despite the opinions of others, this can be an effective strategy when it comes to hiring a female divorce attorney in Rochester, NY. Agree or not, women are widely considered to be more fair, reasonable and measured than men. While many people brush this off as a popular myth, according to a groundbreaking gender study by Dr. Silvia Hodges-Silverstein of Sky Analytics, women lawyers are significantly better than their male counterparts. “If female attorneys were compensated according to how often they actually win cases, they’d be paid more than men,” “We just ran the biggest legal study on gender of all time, and at every level of practice, women came out ahead.” says Premonition AI co-founder and CEO Guy Kurlandski.

That said, the gender of the attorney is typically more of a decision a client makes based on their personal preference. This comes into play when finding an attorney you are comfortable speaking with. Being able to be open and honest with your attorney is crucial in the outcome of your case and how successful your attorney will be in handling your case.

Many factors in divorce and family law cases are highly personal and sensitive. We find that many female clients often prefer a female divorce attorney as they feel more comfortable discussing these sensitive issues with someone they feel they can relate to. This is also a factor when it comes to employment law cases including sexual harassment in the workplace.

While Rochester divorce attorney Michelle Cimino is certainly aggressive in protecting her clients rights, she does so with compassion and understanding which can influence judges and opposing counsel in a way that a male counterpart may not be able to. Keep in mind that judges are impartial decision makers. They prefer capable, qualified, and prepared and professional attorneys that are representing their clients to the best of their abilities, regardless of their gender.

Are you or someone you love is considering divorce or dealing with a family law matter in Rochester, NY? Contact dedicated female divorce attorney Michelle Cimino to arrange a virtual consultation to discuss the details of your case and see if she is a good fit for you. With COVID-19 changing the way everyone operates, we are fully operational and performing confidential consultations via phone, video conference, or in person at our office. Let our 22+ years of experience work for you.

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