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Free Divorce Consultation

Let us take a wild guess here? Right now, you are reading this post because you want to know more about divorce – your rights, the other parties’ rights, and all the necessary information. With enough experience in Divorce law and its practice, we can confidently say that, divorce may get very complicated, especially when you go through it without a team of expert divorce lawyers. You probably already know that you need a lawyer. The other thing you want to figure out is whether or not a particular lawyer, or law firm, is the right fit for you. There’s a high chance you also do not wish to pay, to determine whether this lawyer is the right fit. Our free divorce consultation means talking with our experienced Rochester divorce lawyer about your specific case can be done free of charge.

What is a Free Divorce Consultation?

That’s where our Free Divorce Consultation comes in. Think of a free divorce consultation in the same way that you think of renting an apartment. You need to walk in and feel the air in that apartment to know if it is right for you or if it may turn out to be a bad investment.

A free divorce consultation entails talking with an experienced divorce lawyer about specific case for free. Divorce consultation may sound like its only beneficial to the client, but that’s certainly not the case. They are super helpful to the lawyers too. So, everyone benefits!

Start with a Free Divorce Consultation first

Here’s a list of reasons why a free divorce consultation is important to you:

  • It is free!

As obvious as it may seem, free divorce consultation is necessary because it is free. Its free feature facilitates easy and efficient communication between parties to a divorce and divorce lawyers. Communication is efficient because a party seeking representation in a divorce is not under any financial pressure yet. This makes it more likely to participate in the whole process without feeling boxed in.

  • It helps to create lawyer-client chemistry

During a free divorce consultation, the lawyer and the client get to interact on a fundamental level. Through this interaction, the client will discover whether or not the lawyer is a great fit. For instance, a man in a divorce process will need a lawyer who can see past the bias against men in divorce and offer remarkable representation. Also, a mother seeking custody rights would be more confident working with a lawyer who understands the importance of time with their child(ren).

  • A free divorce consultation can save a lot of time

This is because it allows the lawyer and the client to jump right into litigation or negotiations once both parties agree to work together.

How do Free Divorce Consultations work?

Now that we have identified some reasons why consultation is essential for clients (and even lawyers), it is time to get into the actual process of a free divorce consultation.

As we said in the introductory part of this post, divorce can get very complicated, mostly when something important gets overlooked. Therefore it is imperative to be prepared in a free divorce consultation. Divorce lawyers will need to know the littlest information to give you quality advice that suits your precise needs.

Here’s a list of things your divorce lawyers would definitely need to know to give you the best representation:

  1. An inventory of all valuable assets owned by you and your spouse

One of the most significant subjects in divorce agreements is the division of marital property. Therefore, your legal team will need you to provide a comprehensive list of all you own individually before and after marriage (separate property). You’ll also provide a list of the assets you acquired during the marriage (marital property).

Other parts of divorce decrees like child support and spousal support are also heavily reliant on how much the parties to a divorce own. For example, your lawyer would be able to make an excellent recommendation on how much child support you can get depending on both parties’ financial situation.

To protect your interests, you should come prepared in this regard.

  1. Every little detail

Getting personal is almost impossible to avoid in divorce consultations. Good attorney can tailor their thought process to the specific needs of their clients. That’s the best way to offer quality representation.

This means lawyers will need every important information relating to the marriage so they can prepare a case that stands out on your behalf.

Try not to hide anything consequential in a free divorce consultation.

  1. Cost of legal fees

Having completed the free divorce consultation, you are going to need the full services of the lawyer. You should negotiate with the lawyer or a law firm and be sure of the legal fees you will need to pay.


The most important thing to know about free divorce consultations is “consult with the right firm!”

The right firm is pretty simple to find, especially if you are around Rochester, NY, or anywhere on planet earth. The Cimino Law Firm is an experienced Rochester divorce and family law firm in New York with a team of legal experts that know all about divorce law and its practice.

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