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Rochester Custody Lawyer

Whether you’re going through a divorce or there is an issue between your family and children are involved, it puts them in a difficult situation. Children are an important piece of the family puzzle, and it’s important that they get what’s best for them regardless of parental struggles. This is where custody comes in. If you and your spouse divorce, you must consider ways to either share or gain custody of your child. This is often difficult and requires a custody lawyer. If you’re going through a divorce or need to settle debate in custodial law, hiring a Rochester custody lawyer may be the best route for you.

What Does a Custody Lawyer Do?

While it’s common to understand what a custody lawyer is, people may not quite fully grasp what these lawyers do. Essentially, custody lawyers aim to protect a child by persuading the court system that their client would be capable of caring for their child than the other person involved.

They can achieve this by advocating for you in mediation or in a court setting. Some of their duties involve representing you in court, negotiating child support rates, and guiding you through any paperwork you are required to submit.

Custody cases can get sticky, so it’s helpful to have someone in your corner that is familiar with the system and who can vouch for you as a parental figure.

Should You Hire a Custody Attorney?

When going through a child custody battle, it may be best to hire a custody attorney. Some cases may not require it, such as if the two parties are in agreeance for every aspect of the custody, but often times they help add a level-headed party to the process.

There are some cases, however, where you may strongly want to consider hiring a custody lawyer. First of all, if the other party has already hired a lawyer, it could be best to hire one yourself. This way, you’ll feel supported and won’t get taken advantage of throughout the process.

Next, if your case is becoming increasingly complicated, hiring a Rochester custody attorney could help you prove your case. This is common in cases where the other party changes their mind about custody or if you suspect they might try to convince a court that you’re an unfit parent.

Lastly, if you believe your child or children are in danger when with the other party, hiring a lawyer can ensure they get the protection they deserve. Ultimately, if you’re going through a custody dispute, hiring a custody lawyer can protect both you and your child.

How to Choose the Best Child Custody Attorney

You don’t want to choose the wrong lawyer in an important situation like debating custody with another party. Because of that, there are some ways that you can make sure to choose the best Rochester custody lawyer.

By getting recommendations, doing your own research, and asking the right questions, you can find a top custody lawyer. Recommendations allow you to hear testimonials from other people, while doing your own research lets you see it for yourself.

After this, when you speak to the lawyer and ask them questions, you gain insight into their process and mental state. When combined, all of these paint a clear picture of the custody lawyer.

Hiring a Rochester Custody Lawyer

Hiring a Rochester Custody Lawyer could be one of the most stressful times of your life. Thankfully, the Cimino Law Firm has you covered. Throughout your entire custody dispute, Michelle Cimino can be there to provide you with support.

Practicing for over 20 years, you and your child will be in great hands. For more information about the Cimino Law Firm, contact us today.

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