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Female Lawyer in Rochester

Choosing a lawyer can seem like a difficult and complicated action to take. After all, there are hundreds of lawyers available, and you want to hire the best and most capable one for your specific situation. In the past, there were often stigmas associated with females holding powerful positions. One classic example of this powerful position was law. Because of this, people used to shy away from working with female lawyers. Today, however, this is not the case. In times of developing equal rights, many began to realize the benefits that female professionals had over males. If you’re looking for a female lawyer in Rochester, Michelle Cimino could be the best choice for you.

Female vs. Male Lawyers

Nowadays, finding a female lawyer is not as difficult as it used to be. That’s because they aren’t as scarce as they were 50 years ago. In the 1960’s, about 1 in 25 lawyers were female. This means that for every 25 lawyers, only one of them were female. Today, though, there is approximately 1 female lawyer for every 3 male lawyers.

Clearly, the number of females in the legal system has significantly increased. There are a lot of differences that you can note about female and male lawyers. Generally, while males possess characteristics like dominance and rule-consciousness, females tend to show more warmth and sensitivity. This could affect the way that both genders practice law – not in their ability, but in their methodologies.

For example, males may be more focused on getting right to the point with his clients. This could involve a stern and dominant communication pattern. On the other hand, a female lawyer in Rochester may be more inclined to understanding your emotions and how the situation is affecting you personally prior to starting all of the legal processes. This often makes people feel more comfortable in that specific setting. Both male and female lawyers are often equally qualified, but who you hire depends solely on your individual situation and personality.

Should You Hire a Female Lawyer?

Whether you hire a female or male lawyer is completely up to you. Majority of the time, people strategically pick which gender they want in a lawyer. This often has to do with who they feel most comfortable sharing information with. After all, being open and honest with your lawyer is a critical aspect of the system. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing, you will likely have a difficult time throughout your case.

Some cases where you should consider hiring a female lawyer is when you’re looking for emotional backing, if you feel comfortable with the female gender, and if you think you’d share your information more successfully with a female compared to a male. If you fall under each of these categories, a female lawyer in Rochester may help you win your case, as they can support you throughout the process in the ways that you desire.

Hiring a Female Lawyer in Rochester

If you’re searching for a top lawyer in Rochester, the Cimino Law Firm is a great place to head to. Michelle Cimino, a female lawyer in Rochester, has been practicing family law for over 2 decades. Her experience shines through in the work she does, and she will fight for all of her clients.

Going through family law situations like divorce, child support, child custody, and domestic violence can be tough. The Cimino Law Firm has your back. Regardless of your situation, we promise to help guide you through your individual situation with comfort and knowledge.

If you’re ready to hire a female lawyer in Rochester, be sure to reach out to Michelle Cimino at the Cimino Law Firm.

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