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Racial Discrimination Lawyer Helping Victims of Discrimination in the Workplace

Do you find yourself facing racial discrimination or harassment on the job? Maybe you’ve encountered people treating you differently than others of a different race. You may not realize it, but racism in the workplace is worse than many think, in fact upwards of 42% of employees have experienced racism or witnessed it while at work. Whatever the issue, it may be time to speak with a racial discrimination lawyer to discover what the next best steps you should take are.

The Law is Clear

Singapore,-,May,10:,A,Migrant,Worker,Poses,For,A Photograph - Racial Discrimination Lawyer in Rochester, NY The Cimino Law Firm Title VII of the Civil Rights Act strictly prohibits employers from discriminating against you during the application process as well as in the workplace for your race. The law forbids them from making decisions that may be driven by stereotypes or even assumptions about race, origin, or color. Racial discrimination in the workplace can be blatant and even subtle.

The Civil Rights Act was a monumental achievement in the 1960s which worked to achieve equality for African American’s. The law however has broad wording in it which allows it to apply to all racial minorities. It provides protection against discrimination in all aspects such as hiring, prometon, wages, firing, and benefits. Any discrimination that happens in these areas is against the law.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Racial Discrimination Lawyer

If you think you’ve experienced racism at work, one of your first steps is to make a formal complaint and file with the EEOC. This is the main agency that is responsible for addressing discrimination in the workplace. They can investigate your claim and investigate whether any action is warranted in the case.

The EEOC is a very effective way to work on addressing racial discrimination in many employment settings. Now if they decide not to take any action they will also issue you a right to sue which allows you to file a lawsuit and take your case to court.  This is where a racial discrimination lawyer can help guide you through the process.

Categories of Racism in the Workplace

Racism at work falls under two different categories, these are disparate treatment and disparate impact. The word disparate is another word that describes ‘unequal’. Disparate treatment describes situations where race is a motivating factor for any differences in treatment between employees. Disparate treatment describes practices in the workplace that may appear neutral but are still discriminatory in a manner that affects the workforce. These types of impact situations may not seem to be racist with their intent, but they still have a racist effect on them.

Know Your Rights and Get Protected by Racial Discrimination Lawyer

When you have experienced racism in the workplace, you will want to contact a skilled racial discrimination lawyer to see what your next steps are. Start with a consultation to explain to an experienced lawyer why you feel you have been discriminated against; they can then advise you what your options are. Consultations don’t have to cost a lot, in fact, Cimino Law has been specializing in employment law matters in New York for over 20 years and offers confidential consultations. Contact us today and let our experience work for you.

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