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Gender Discrimination Lawyer Explains Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

Gender discrimination is when a person is discriminated against or treated differently because of their gender. This can happen anywhere, from work to the public. Some people do not see gender discrimination as a real problem and think that we have moved on from it, but there are many statistics that prove that gender discrimination is still an issue. You want equal opportunities at work, but your employer has let you down. We understand how difficult this is for you, and we encourage you to fight for your rights. Contact an experienced gender discrimination lawyer at The Cimino Law Firm for dedicated representation you can trust.

Where can it happen?

Anyone can be discriminated against, anywhere, because of their gender. It can happen in school, a restaurant, work, a store; pretty much anywhere with other people. Gender discrimination happens in all countries. It is especially prominent in Muslim countries that follow the Islamic religion.

If you feel you are being discriminated against, do not hesitate to call a gender discrimination lawyer today.

What does it look like?

Gender Discrimination Lawyer Employment Attorney Cimino Law Firm An example of gender discrimination at work would be if someone was not chosen for a promotion because of their gender even if they met the qualifications and had the necessary experience. Gender discrimination can also occur in schools and sports if they are not being included because of their gender.

One famous example of gender discrimination was shown in China during their one-child-only policy. Since families could only have one child, they would often put up the girls for adoption because boys were seen as bringing financial stability to the house while girls were viewed as more of a burden.

The Facts

Gender discrimination is a real issue. For example, women are less likely than men to receive pain medication and to be taken seriously in the hospital. Women also earn less than men in the workforce. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women earned about 82 cents for every $1 that a man-made in 2020. If you feel you are earning less than your counterparts due to your gender, schedule a confidential consultation with an experienced gender discrimination lawyer at The Cimino Law Firm today.

How to Fix it

Discrimination of any kind is not easy to fix, but we can work towards improving it by raising awareness of it. When people are made aware of their conscious or subconscious biases and why they are wrong, it can help them work to combat this discrimination.

Another way to help gender discrimination is by hiring and electing more women. The government and many companies are run by men, but if more women were elected and held positions of power, people would be more likely to see them as capable and their voices would be heard more.

Talking about gender discrimination with friends, family, and the public is a good way to acknowledge it and help others become aware of the problem. The more we are aware of the issue, the easier it is to work to fight it and to make the world a more equal and fair place.

Schedule A Confidential Consultation With An Experienced Gender Discrimination Lawyer Today

If you are being discriminated against because of your gender, you may want to contact a gender discrimination lawyer. The Cimino Law Firm is a great place to contact if you are in the Webster or Rochester area of New York and are in need of a gender discrimination lawyer. We have over 20 years of experience and offer confidential consultations.

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