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Ageism in the Workplace

Ageism in the Workplace | Age Discrimination Lawyer in Rochester, NY

Rochester Employment Lawyer Protecting Against Ageism in the Workplace Equality is essential, especially while you’re at work. Nobody wants to be treated unequally to another person of equal importance. That’s why when ageism is apparent in the workplace, it can cause significant issues between the work dynamic. Ageism is a growing concern now that wages […]

Equal Pay Act Explained

Equal Pay Act Explained Employee Rights Lawyer in Rochester, NY

Rochester Employment Lawyer Helping To Enforce Equal Pay for Equal Work In life, everybody deserves equality. This means that each gender should have the same rights and luxuries than the other. Unfortunately, this is not often depicted in reality. Because of gender discrimination, males and females are often paid different wages. Men are compensated higher […]

Coronavirus and the Workplace: Know Your Rights


An Employees Guide To Coronavirus and the Workplace This is not intended to be legal advice and is a summary of FAQ based on the most recent laws and executives orders available as of 4/2/20. WORKING FROM HOME Q: Can you be fired for working from home during the Coronavirus pandemic? A: As of March […]

What is a Hostile Work Environment?

Hostile Work Environment Rochester Employment Discrimination Lawyer

What is a Hostile Work Environment? If you have a job, you may have heard the term “hostile work environment” but could be unsure of what this ‘environment’ truly is. Traditionally, a hostile work environment is considered any job or work environment where a coworker or boss partakes in actions that make doing the job […]

New York Employment Law Guide

New York Employment Law Guide Rochester Employment Lawyer - The Cimino Law Firm

You have certain rights as an employee in the state of New York. Your employer should respect those rights, but if he or she doesn’t, an employment lawyer can help. We created the New York employment law guide to help employees understand their rights as they pertain to employment law in New York. Rochester employment […]