Age Discrimination Lawyer Explains How To Create A Fair Work Environment

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An Age Discrimination Lawyer Can Help Create a Fair Work Environment

About one out of every five workers over the age of 40 have experienced some form of age-related discrimination on the job. If you find that you have faced discrimination in the workplace due to your age, you may be eligible for help to get the justice you deserve from an age discrimination lawyer.

The Law Protects You

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) forbids any type of discrimination in the workplace against employees or job applicants who are age 40 years and older based on their age. It provides protection that covers the hiring process, training, compensation, promotion, benefits, layoffs, and other privileges of employment. If you have been wrongfully terminated because of your age, the ADEA can help you get your job back.

So, what is Age Discrimination?

To put it in the simplest of terms, an employer cannot deny you employment, fire you from your job or discriminate against you because of your age. The types of cases an age discrimination lawyer can represent you in are not limited to just the processes of hiring and firing, they can also help with demotions, compensation, benefits, harassment, and failure to be promoted.

A Complicated Process And Help From Age Discrimination Lawyer

Age discrimination lawsuits are rather complex and complicated in nature. Anyone considering filing one should highly think about getting an age discrimination lawyer to guide them. They can increase your chance of success and help you determine the best options legally you may have in front of you.

Proving You Were Discriminated Against

Here is where an age discrimination lawyer will really shine. It may be difficult if you tried to represent yourself with a case of age discrimination. Generally, there are a few different types of criteria you must shoulder the burden of proving in court for age discrimination to occur. They include being over the age of 40, qualifications to perform the job, and any tasks that are associated with the job. Proof that there was adverse action taken against you, and/or a person replacing you were much younger and treated way different than you were.

It cannot be a matter of he-said or she-said, there needs to be concrete proof that age discrimination occurred. This is where an age discrimination lawyer will really help your case. While you have the burden of proof when it comes to showing you were discriminated against, a lawyer can do all the footwork and documentation in finding witnesses, and proof to show just what really happened.

What Are Your Next Steps: Explained By Age Discrimination Lawyer

For anyone wishing to file a lawsuit for age discrimination against an employer, you will want to contact an experienced lawyer that can help provide you with legal counsel and advice on what the next steps you should take are. The Cimino Law Firm offers over 20 years of experience in family law and employment law matters in the state of New York. They have witnessed their fair share of age discrimination cases and can help by starting you off with a confidential consultation to discuss the different options you may have and how they can help.

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