Thinking of Getting a Divorce After Christmas?

Thinking of Getting a Divorce After Christmas Rochester Divorce Lawyer

We know that the holiday season is supposed to be full of joy and love. For a lot of people, it is dreadful. Did you that January holds the month with the most divorce filings? The Monday after the holidays is when people head to a divorce attorney. If you are thinking about getting a divorce after Christmas, our Rochester divorce lawyer can help you. Call us right away. We would be glad to set you up with a consultation right away.

Why Wait to Divorce After Christmas?

While there are people who decide to rip off the band-aid before the holidays, statistics show a spike in divorce for the post-holiday season. A lot of people feel obligated to give their kids one last holiday season with both parents together. They grin and bear it through one last trip to see the in-laws.

If you have made it to this page, you are likely among those who have bought one final gift for your spouse. You maybe want to avoid ruining your holidays by figuring out who is leaving your home, who is going to take the kids for Christmas or New Year’s. We completely understand why you would want to wait.

Divorce anytime is hard. Divorce before Christmas to many people seems cruel. Divorce after Christmas at least allows you to not have to think about the litigation until the rush of the holiday season is over.

What Happens Now?

If you have decided either with or without your spouse that divorce is the best path forward, you should reach out to a Rochester divorce lawyer right away. For your first consultation with a divorce lawyer, it would be beneficial to bring along some information.

You can bring your financial info along with you to your first consultation. We can get your case started with some basic info about you and your spouse.

You should treat this first consultation with your attorney as a moment to prepare yourself for what is to come. Is your spouse going to fight about this until the bitter end? Are they also ready to let go? These details will impact how we want to proceed with the divorce.

Now is the time to establish a support system for yourself. Aside from your attorney, gather a fortress of friends and family around you. You’ve likely been through breakups in your life that were hard, and you needed a safety net. Divorce is a horse of a different color, but you will need that safety net all the same.

Call Our Divorce Attorney Right Away

Making the decision to get a divorce after Christmas is not easy, but when you turn to a dedicated lawyer, we can make it easier for you. Regardless of whether you expect this to be a simple parting of the ways or a tumultuous one, we are here for you. It is important that you get in touch with us right away. We can get you set up with a consultation as soon as possible.

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