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Rochester Employment Lawyer Fighting Against Racial Discrimination in The Workplace

Everybody deserves to be treated equally to another. Unfortunately, this is not the reality that many people experience, especially in work settings. Often times, people are racially discriminated against. This can happen at any point throughout your career. When you are racially discriminated against at work, it may make you feel like lesser of a person. Thankfully, it’s important to understand that racial discrimination is illegal and can be acted upon with legal ramifications. If you’ve been racially discriminated against, it’s vital you seek justice.

What Is Racial Discrimination?

People may toss the term ‘racial discrimination’ around a lot, but some people do not use the term correctly. In fact, many people often believe that discrimination only occurs when somebody blatantly berates or demeans someone to their face. This is not the case.

Racial discrimination refers to treating someone, either an applicant or an employee, unfavorably solely because he or she is of a certain race, or because they have characteristics associated with a particular race.

Discrimination based on race also extends to spouses who being treated unjustly due to them being married to a certain race. This kind of discrimination is offensive, and it can be seen in various circumstances around the workplace.

What Are Some Types of Race Based Discrimination in The Workplace?

Though racial discrimination is illegal, it’s inappropriately present in a lot of work situations. In order to understand, in context, what racial discrimination is, there are some key examples that seem to be more apparent than others. First, when racial slurs and derogatory remarks are used towards a person with a certain race, it’s deemed as discrimination.

The same goes for the display of offensive symbols. It’s important to understand that the law does not prohibit offhand comments and teasing, but harassment is prohibited. The difference is the latter has a sense of severity and frequency, and it can negatively impact the daily life of the harassed.

How Can Racial Discrimination Impact You?

Racial discrimination has a variety of ways that it impacts those being discriminated against. One of the most common negative impacts that comes with  discrimination based on race is the refusal to hire. Some people may get turned down during the application process simply because of their race. This goes against proper employment practices and can be prosecuted against.

A second common way that racial discrimination can impact you is through wrongful termination. If you’re fired or laid off because of your race, this is an illegal act.

Lastly, it can negatively impact your mental health. In order to live a healthy life, racial discrimination should be fought against.

How to Fight Back Against Race Based Discrimination

There are steps you can take to fight back against racial discrimination in your workplace. If you have been wrongfully discriminated against due to your race, it’s important to talk to a supervisory position. This may seem difficult, as the discriminator may be your superior. If this is the case, seek out someone in a higher position or consider taking legal action against them.

Get the Help You Deserve

If you have been racially discriminated against in your workplace, either during the application process or while you’re working, you have power. The Cimino Law Firm can help you get the justice you deserve by filing actions against the company you’re employed by.

This can be a stressful time, but thankfully we have you covered. We offer confidential consultations to all of our prospective clients so we can discuss exactly how we can help you out in your individual situation. Instead of living in fear of work, let the Cimino Law Firm give you a hand.

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