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Men’s Divorce Attorney

Divorce statistics in the United States is staggering. Almost half of all marriages end in divorce, with both parties usually resenting each other. Granted, enduring a divorce is never easy, but there are times that parties must separate. One would think that it should not be too difficult to part ways. We got news for you – “one” would be wrong. The process of divorce can be very complicated. Issues bordering on child support, spousal support, custody arrangements, and property division are not always quickly sorted out. Making the wrong decisions in these proceedings can have far-reaching consequences on the parties’ financial, emotional, and mental well-being. So, it is crucial to get the best advice possible, even more so when you’re the man. Every man who is a party to divorce needs excellent representation from an outstanding men’s divorce attorney.

Why you need an excellent Men’s Divorce Attorney?

Reasons why you need excellent men’s lawyer, are as follows:

  1. Getting past bias in family courts

Divorce proceedings in family courts in the United States have a history of bias against the man. The reason for this is easily deduced. It is easy for the woman to be viewed as the more affected party in a divorce, so the ball of sentiment easily swings a woman’s way.

One aspect of divorce most affected by this bias is apparent in making custody arrangements.

Ever heard of the “Tender Years Doctrine”?

In the early parts of the 20th century, the Tender Years Doctrine was the prevalent doctrine in deciding which party gets custody rights. This doctrine made the presumption that children within the age ranges of zero to four years should remain with the mother who would have custody rights.

In the current world, this doctrine fails on at least two grounds:

First, it violates the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Second, the doctrine makes the hasty presumption that a mother is always better at catering to a child’s needs. Needless to say, many men are great parents. These men deserve nothing short of fairness and equality during divorce proceedings.

Having a qualified men’s divorce attorney on your side increases your chance to get past the bias and convince the courts of law to take a more objective approach.

  1. Protecting your property interests

A distinction is always made between marital property and separate property before property distribution (between the divorcing parties in a divorce proceeding). In New York, marital property is equitably distributed. When the property is equitably distributed, the court makes conscious efforts to distribute property in the fairest possible way after considering many factors. Some of these factors may include; duration of the marriage and financial standing of parties involved.

Protecting property interests can be very technical because this part of divorce takes on a more commercial approach. Many cases abound where a man loses more property interests than he ordinarily should. Qualified men’s divorce attorney know that it takes a great deal of work to protect the male divorcing party’s interests and are prepared to do the job.

  1. Getting favorable custody arrangements

This is particularly necessary for fathers who wish to remain close to their children. It is absolutely vital to present the best case possible if you are a man looking to get child custody rights.

There will be a need to show your emotional attachment to the child and your ability to handle parental responsibilities compared to the mother. Excellent men divorce attorneys know their way around these custody issues and can help you in many ways.

One way would be to draft a separation agreement that conveniently protects your right to be with your kids.

  1. Establishing an all-inclusive Child Support Order

Child Support Orders take into consideration the situation of all the parties involved.

In the case of a man making child support payments, it is crucial to work with a men’s divorce attorney to prevent you from being overburdened with child support obligations.

For instance, a change in employment may necessitate a need to reduce child support payments. You definitely want a men’s divorce lawyer who has got you covered.

  1. Making the best spousal support arrangements

It is all too familiar for men to be at a loss regarding spousal support agreements. This may come from a lack of understanding of the possible damage to finance that divorce decrees can cause if issued wrongly.

That’s where a men’s divorce attorney comes in. An excellent attorney could easily spot terms in the agreement likely to cause you hardship.

If you are a man looking for the best men’s divorce attorney in Rochester, NY, or anywhere in the world, you need not look further. At The Cimino Law Firm, our unwavering belief in giving every client the best representation irrespective of gender makes us perfect for undertaking your case.

Michelle Cimino is a dedicated Rochester divorce attorney with significant experience in fighting for fathers’ rights and getting them back in a position to have great relationships with their kids.

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