Identifying Discrimination: What to Look For

Identifying Discrimination: What to Look For

Identifying discrimination is important if you believe that what you are experiencing is against your rights as a worker in NYS. Our Rochester employment lawyer knows how bad it can feel to be discriminated against at work. Whether it is about your sex, religion, race, etc. no employer is permitted to treat you differently. If you need tips on how to identify if you are being discriminated against, please call us right away to set up a confidential consultation.

Am I Being Discriminated Against?

The first step in identifying discrimination is knowing what your rights are. If you are being negatively impacted because of treatment for protected characteristics, you can file an employment claim. Let’s go over some example situations to better understand discrimination in NYS:

Let’s say you are applying for a job. You have already had a brief phone interview with the hiring manager, and now they want to see you. They sound very enthusiastic about bringing you onto the team over the phone and tell you that you seem to be a top candidate for the position.

When you step into the office and shake hands with the hiring manager, they suddenly seem uncomfortable. You begin to suspect that they are uncomfortable with your race. There are only white employees. The interview is very short, the hiring manager seems disinterested, and you leave feeling confused.

Later, you get a phone call saying that you would not be a good fit after all because you would not mesh into the company culture. Despite being a top candidate for the job and giving them no reason to believe that you wouldn’t be a great worker, you are denied a great opportunity. This is an example of an employer not hiring you because of your race which is illegal.

Let’s look at another example of identifying discrimination:

You have been dealing with your boss and coworkers for weeks saying sexual jokes to you. You are one of the only women in the department and no one ever stands up for you when you are being harassed. Finally, after your boss puts his hands on your shoulders and makes a lewd comment, you march into HR and tell them what has been happening. They say they will investigate.

A week later, HR calls you in for a meeting where they explain that you will go back to the department that you were first hired for years ago. This means a pay cut and essentially a demotion. That is how they chose to deal with you being sexually harassed. This is an example of retaliation. If you are demoted or fired because you speak out against harassment or discrimination, then you should call us right away.

If you think that you are a victim of discrimination, you need to give us a call. We can help you file a claim with the EEOC to hold the employer accountable and give you the justice you deserve.

Call Our Rochester Employment Lawyer Today

If you need help identifying discrimination, let our Rochester employment lawyer help. We have seen many cases of discrimination and know what to look for. Bring your stories to us to see if we can help you get justice. No one deserves to work in a space where they feel like they are wrongly treated differently. Work should be about your job, not your race, gender, sexuality, etc. If you think you are entitled to justice, call us today to set up a virtual consultation with us today.

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  1. Steve Smith says:

    I love that you said that harassment concerns should have a proper legal case approach for an effective solution. The other day, my coworker mentioned he was wrongfully terminated because of ethical discrimination in the workplace. He asked if I had ideas on the best option to do as he badly needed the employment. I appreciate this enlightening legal guide article for an appropriate legal planning approach. I’ll be sure to tell him that it will be much better if he consults a trusted discrimination case attorney as they can provide legal help.

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