How Long Do I Have To Pay Alimony?

A common question is how long do I have to pay alimony or spousal support. That is going to be dependent on the length of the marriage and the health of the parties, as well as a number of other factors that we can discuss in greater detail during a confidential consultation with my office.

Temporary, rehabilitative, and restitutional alimony have precise lengths. For example, temporary alimony only lasts until the divorce is finalized, and a new order (if applicable) is in place. Rehabilitation alimony is paid while the husband or wife goes through school or transitions to the working world. Restitutional alimony payments are based on the amount of time and money the partner invested in the other.

Post-divorce maintenance is a little more complicated. If it’s left to the courts to decide, the judge will use a formula to determine the length of post-divorce support. If the couple was married for 15 years, alimony lasts for 15-30 percent of the length of the marriage.

If the marriage lasted 15-20 years, the receiving spouse could expect to get alimony for 30-40 percent of the length of the marriage. For marriages that lasted over 20 years, payments are typically ordered to continue for 35-50 percent the length of the marriage. Payments are terminated once the date in the order is reached.

Even with formulas to calculate the amount, alimony is quite complicated in New York. The alimony calculator often creates undesired results for one of the parties. Legal representation helps the parties come to a resolution outside of a court order when possible.

If an agreement is not reached, your lawyer can represent your case to the court. With more than 20 years of experience, our lawyers know how to present evidence that benefits our clients in these proceedings.

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