College Costs and Child Support

Many parents have questions about college costs and child support. How college costs are determined and divided during a divorce depends on a number of different factors. Parties can agree to contribute towards college or a judge can order that in specific circumstances. Each case is different and dependent on their unique circumstances. Schedule a confidential consultation to learn more.

With so many complexities, it’s smart to hire an experienced Rochester child support lawyer to ensure you and your child’s best interests are protected. Even though the state uses a percentage, other factors, such as college costs, academic tutors, extracurricular activities can be taken into account. Having proper representation is critical during this process.

Our firm makes it easy to get started. We offer a confidential phone consultation so you can discuss your case. You will go over your needs and concerns, and learn the strategy for moving forward. Then we will invite you to visit our office to meet with a child support attorney in person, provide evidence, and get started with your case.

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