Contested Divorce Lawyer Explains Settling Disagreements

Contested Divorce Lawyer in Rochester, NY | The Cimino Law Firm

Learn How A Contested Divorce Lawyer Can Help Settle Disagreements

Divorce is a difficult decision to come to and it comes with many challenges, especially if the other party does not want the divorce. It is bound to have some conflict with it, even more so if there are disagreements with property, assets, custody, child, or even spousal support. Did you know that the updated divorce rate is 2.7 in every 1,000 people? These staggering numbers unfortunately continue to be on the rise. When you find yourself in a situation where you and your spouse are unable to agree on the divorce, you may want to contact a contested divorce lawyer for help.

What Happens in a Contested Divorce?

Contested Divorce Lawyer in Rochester, NY | The Cimino Law Firm In some states, you may be able to start with family mediation where a mediator will listen to both sides, their wishes, and their concerns. From here the mediator may be able to make suggestions on what is beneficial to both parties. In mediation, your attorney can be present to help present your wishes and concerns. You may be required to give a little and your spouse may also have to try to meet you in the middle to come to a solution that is reasonable for both of you. If you are unable to agree in mediation, your case will then be moved to court where a judge will be responsible for making decisions for you.

A contested divorce lawyer can try to help find a middle ground during mediation to help you avoid a lengthy and costly divorce case.

The Impact of a Contested Divorce

When you go through a contested divorce this will mean that a judge will be the decision-maker when it comes to the aspects you and your spouse cannot agree on. If you are unable to come to an agreement for custody as an example, the judge will review the case and information and come up with a decision they feel is in the best interests of your children.

It really is within the best interest of all parties to try to come to an agreement during mediation. This process is where a contested divorce lawyer can help you to settle any things you may not be able to agree on.

Concealing Assets and help of Contested Divorce Lawyer

Unfortunately, there is more occurrence in the concealment of assets by some spouses. This means the other party is hiding assets from their spouse during their marriage. When they conceal them in a divorce proceeding, from the court, judges cannot fully weigh on how to divide these assets between the parties. A contested divorce lawyer can help to litigate and use available discovery tools to determine if there are any assets being hidden by your spouse.

Unrealistic Expectations

Sometimes some spouses have unreasonable and unrealistic expectations when it comes to divorce. A contested divorce lawyer can present all information to the judge and help them to see the best interests of both sides, not just the unrealistic side of your spouse.

Divorce can be a tedious process whether you settle in mediation or must go to court. At Cimino Law, they can work with you to establish your goals to help you reach the best outcome. Arrange a confidential consultation to discuss how they can help.

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