When to Call a Discrimination Lawyer

When to Call a Discrimination Lawyer in Rochester Free Consultations

No one should feel unsafe at work. You are there to accomplish your tasks and provide for yourself and your family. If you are being discriminated against, it can make it hard for you to be at work. You may be wondering if it is time for you to reach out to a discrimination lawyer. We would be glad to meet with you for a confidential consultation if you believe that you are facing discrimination.

You Were Passed Up for a Promotion

There are several protected characteristics that you are legally not allowed to be discriminated against for. If you have been working for a company that predominantly has men in higher-paying roles while women are often left in lower-paying positions, that might be an indication of discrimination.

If you get ignored as a candidate when promotions are being discussed and your boss insinuates it is because your sexual orientation makes people who you would be working with uncomfortable, that is discrimination.

Essentially, if you are not promoted based on your belonging to a protected characteristic, you likely have a claim for discrimination.

You Are Being Harassed

When you are at work, you are supposed to be treated the same way as any other employee. If you feel that you are being harassed by coworkers or your employer based on your belonging to a protected characteristic, you likely have a case.

If people exclude you from projects, talk down to you, or treat you unfairly because of a protected characteristic, it is time to talk to a discrimination lawyer.

For instance, if you are told that you should not handle a certain case because the clients are Christians who would be probably uncomfortable working with someone in a hijab, your rights are being violated.

You Were Not Hired

This type of discrimination is a bit harder to detect when it happens. However, there may be some indicators that you were not hired for an illegal reason.

We once helped a client who was not hired because of their ethnicity.

She had applied for an employer online. She received an email communication from the employer who said her resume was impressive. They did a preliminary phone interview which went very well. Finally, she was asked to come in for an interview in person.

When she arrived at the interview, they appeared disappointed by her appearance. The interview was brief and awkward. They eventually told her that she would not be a good fit with their existing team which was all Caucasian.

Not being hired based on a protected characteristic is unlawful.

Call Our Rochester Discrimination Lawyer Today

We sympathize with you if you are experiencing discrimination at work. Our Rochester employment lawyer, Michelle Cimino, is here to help you get the justice you deserve. We can guide you through your discrimination claim every step of the way. Please give our office a call today if you would like to meet with our lawyer for a confidential consultation right away.

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