What is a Separation Agreement?

What is a Separation Agreement Rochester Divorce Attorney

If you and your partner are making the decision to split up, you may be wondering what the right option is for you and your family. If getting a divorce does not seem like the right call, you may be looking into separating. For that, you will require a separation agreement. Please keep reading to learn more and then give our office a call to set up a consultation with our Rochester divorce lawyer Michelle Cimino.

Does the Court Grant a Separation Agreement?

You will not be granted legal separation in court. That might come as a relief to many. You do not have to appear in front of a judge in order to have your separation agreement.

The court is used for divorces, particularly ones with a lot of disputes. It is also often necessary when parents are deciding on child custody.

Separation is not something that you go to court for because it is a preliminary step to divorce. There is no legal need to separate assets yet or discuss alimony/spousal support. You and your spouse will simply be legally separated from one another.

Some people remain separated indefinitely without any need for any more legal interaction. Others often head to divorce after realizing that they no longer want to remain married. In some cases, separation is the break that they need to realize that they want to continue working on their marriage.

How Can a Lawyer Help with a Separation Agreement?

When you have a lawyer to help you while separating from your partner, they can help you draft up the legal agreement. This is not all that simple of a task. Essentially, a lawyer will help make sure you have all of the verbiage correct and that no important information is missing.

It is especially advised that you get a lawyer to help with the separation agreement when you have a lot of assets or children in your marriage.

Once you have the agreement written up, it needs to be notarized in order for it to be official.

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