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Transgender people come from all walks of life. They do not, in any way, bear striking similarities with the aliens of the Outer space. They are fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters. They are people, with real feelings, and lots of love to give. The transgender community is diverse in the most beautiful way. The term ‘transgender’ is an umbrella (a giant umbrella) term that describes people whose gender identity does not fit with the sex assigned to them at birth. Transgender people exist and have existed in practically every culture. The most likely reason the transgender community wasn’t so popular back then would be that transgender people feared what the society would discriminate against. But with the recent giant strides that have been made in securing LGBT rights, they have found a new voice to clamor for their emancipation from anti-LGBT bias.  For these people, society dictated their life choices to them.The forms of transgender discrimination are innumerable. The transgender community is a huge one. In a 2016 New York Times article, it was reported that over 1.4 million adults in the United States identify as transgender.

The Evil Of Transgender Discrimination

Everyone has a gender identity. Some people were assigned ‘male’ at birth while others’ female.’ But one’s gender identity isn’t about what was assigned to them, It’s about whom they choose to be. As a fundamental human right, a person is allowed to choose, and selecting one’s gender identity is an exercise of that right to choose.

However, against this wisdom, the transgender community is persistently discriminated against all over the world. Transgender people are victims of unfair treatment, sometimes violent actions, because they have exercised basic human freedom – the freedom to choose.

The forms of transgender discrimination are innumerable. It’s like a new one pops up now and then but here’s a list of the more common forms of transgender discrimination:

Anti-transgender violence

A 2013 report by the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs indicates that 72 percent of violence against LGBTQ communities was done against transgender women. In 2019, at least 26 transgender people were fatally shot or killed by violent means. Most of the available reports are very likely to be much smaller than actual incidents of violence against transgender people.

Transgender discrimination in the workplace

You’d think since the workplace is a professional environment that the only thing that should matter is professional competence and courtesy. You’d be wrong in thinking that. Every day, transgender people are denied opportunities, passed away for promotion, unjustly fired, and forced to resign in their workplace. Only 20 states expressly ban LGBTQ workplace discrimination in the United States, leaving transgender people in the other 30 states almost helpless in the face of workplace discrimination.

Perhaps a story would make workplace discrimination much clearer. NBC News reports the story of a woman who was fired from a Detroit funeral home in 2013 shortly after she told her employer that she was transitioning and intended to live and work as a woman. It didn’t matter that she had worked with six years for her employer; her transgender feature immediately made her unemployable.

This Trans woman took the high road and appealed to a US Court and won. Fortunately, the funeral home did not back down, and they appealed to the Supreme Court. At the Supreme Court, a landmark ruling protecting the rights of transgender and LGBTQ community was given.

The Supreme Court’s ruling is a giant stride forward, but it is still important to note that many cases of workplace discrimination against the transgender community still abounds.

Transgender discrimination in healthcare

The transgender community is unfairly treated in a lot of areas, with the healthcare sector not being exempted. A 2012 needs assessment by Washington DC Trans Coalition indicates that almost half of those who identify health as a top priority said that access to transgender-sensitive healthcare was their most significant need.

This assessment also discovered that a considerable percentage of transgender respondents had been out-rightly refused medical care because of transgender discrimination.

Inaccurate identity documents

When someone undergoes gender transitioning, there is a compulsion to get new identity documents. Without identification, one cannot travel, register in associations, and many establishments. For many states, evidence of medical transition is required, and fees for processing new identity documents. This whole process is somewhat expensive, and it counts as an unfair treatment against the transgender community.


In the modern era, you would expect that cases of transgender discrimination (if any) are few and far between, but as the world would have it, this is not yet the case.

The on-going struggle to achieve sanity in human society and achieve social justice for people who have been wrongfully deprived of opportunities, jobs, entitlements due to their gender is an on-going one and a collective struggle. It is one we have never shied away from; it is one we have always had an overwhelming appetite for.

If you or any of your friends or loved one has been a victim of transgender discrimination by an employer, whether in Rochester, NY, or anywhere else in the country, you should reach out to us today.

We can protect your now-legally-recognized right against discrimination and get you the damages/compensation/entitlement you so deserve.

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