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New York Labor Lawyer

Labor laws are constantly changing. Therefore, employers must be vigilant about staying up-to-date on the current standards and practices. As an employer, you may need to work with a New York labor lawyer to ensure that your company is properly abiding by any labor laws that apply to your business. For employees, New York labor lawyers can help you uphold your rights as an employee.

Is Labor Law The Same As Employment Law?

Labor laws and employment laws are not the same. Labor law is a specialized field of law that covers a much narrower area than employment law. If you are dealing with issues like union organization or collective bargaining rights, it would be best to work with a New York labor lawyer.

Conversely, if your concerns revolve around areas like workers’ compensation and wrongful termination, your needs would likely be classified under employment law. Regardless of this difference in semantics, in many cases, New York labor lawyers can also handle employment law cases.

What Do New York Labor Lawyers Do?

Labor attorneys help employers and employees carry out work-related negotiations. They can be crucial to the process of settling employment-related disputes. In most cases, labor attorneys will work within industries that have labor unions, like law enforcement, education, and transportation.

New York labor attorneys can work for the unions or for corporations that are negotiating with unions. When working with the unions, the attorneys can help negotiate a contract with an employer. While, when working on the behalf of a corporation, labor lawyers are responsible for helping negotiate fair terms with their employees’ union.

When Do I Need A New York Labor Lawyer?

If you are an employer, there are several reasons to hire a labor lawyer. For example, if one of your employees threatens you with a lawsuit, a labor lawyer can help you settle the dispute. Likewise, if you want to fire a union worker, a labor lawyer can help you terminate the employee without breaking any labor laws.

If you are an employee, a labor lawyer can help you file a lawsuit against your employer. This could be necessary if your were mistreated by your employer or fired without due cause. You may also wish to work with a New York labor lawyer if your union intends to go on strike, as a labor attorney can help you negotiate fair terms during the strike.

Maintain Compliance

If you are an employer, you must be compliant to the various laws that govern your business. This includes a range of state, federal, and local laws, ranging from anti-discrimination laws to environmental regulations. A labor lawyer can help you avoid fines and other penalties that can be levied against you if your business is found to be non-compliant.

Protect Your First Amendment Rights

The first amendment of the Constitution protects your right to associate with the people you choose. Therefore, your right to unionize is protected by the federal institution of the U.S. Still, some employers may diminish your rights, warranting a legal response from you or the leadership of your union.

If you are attempting to form a union or working to negotiate with your employer, a New York labor lawyer can be vital to the process. They will help you settle any disputes through skillful negotiation and arbitration.

Understand Your Rights

If you are hoping to settle a dispute with your employer or employees, you should make an effort to understand what your rights are. A New York labor lawyer will discuss your case with you and tell you what options are available to you.

During your first consultation, the attorneys of The Cimino Law Firm will explain how you could benefit from pursuing litigation, mediation, negotiation, or another form of legal recourse in your case.

To schedule a confidential consultation, contact experienced New York labor lawyer Michelle Cimino today.

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