How Does NYS Child Support Work?

How Does NYS Child Support Work Rochester Family Law Attorney

If you are separating from your spouse and have questions about NYS child support, we encourage you to reach out to our Rochester attorney right away. We can help you through your case, not only for child support but custody and/or divorce proceedings as well. Child support is fairly formulaic. Keep reading to get a better understanding of the way the state handles child support. When you are ready to get a dedicated lawyer in your corner, give us a call right away to set up a consultation.

How NYS Child Support is Formulated

When we are determining how much child support payments are going to be, we essentially input numbers relating to your case into our formula to create a payment. It accounts for the finances of each parent, the needs of the children, and the number of children you have with your ex.

If you are separating from your spouse who already has children from a previous marriage, you will not be responsible for their child support unless you adopted them as your children.

Child support is meant to assist the custodial parent with costs related directly to raising the children as well as their medical insurance and care.

Will I Have to Pay NYS Child Support?

There are some instances in which you will not have to pay child support. If you and the custodial parent agree that you will not have state-mandated child support payment, you can put that into your legal documents.

If the custodial parent is not going to require financial assistance in order to be able to keep the same lifestyle that their children had before this split, child support may not be mandated.

In most cases, with a separation of parents, child support is typically fair game.

If you have concerns about this or questions about your case, our Rochester family law attorney would be glad to help you through the entire process.

Adjusting Your NYS Child Support

Unfortunately, once you have a child support agreement, there cannot be adjustments made unless there are significant changes in circumstances.

For instance, you may wonder if you can reduce or cease child support payments if the custodial parent gets remarried. This would have no bearing on your payments. Nor would them having more children with their new spouse.

The changes that may affect your child support payments is a significant change in income for either parent.

Child support payments can be ceased when the child either moves out and supports themselves financially, becomes a legal adult, or emancipates themselves.

Call Our Rochester Family Law Attorney Today

If you have any questions or concerns about NYS child support and need the help of a Rochester family law attorney, we would be glad to help you. This is a huge transition for families. Having someone with experience in the matter guiding you through the process can make things much easier for you. Please call our office right away. We would be glad to get you set up with a consultation.

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