How a Transgender Discrimination Lawyer Can Help You

How a Transgender Discrimination Lawyer Can Help You Call Our Office

Are you experiencing discrimination based on your gender identity? Did you know that if you are mistreated at your job or during an application process, your rights are being violated? If you experience discrimination at work, our Rochester transgender discrimination lawyer Michelle Cimino can help you. Please do not hesitate to schedule a consultation with us right away if you believe your rights have been violated.

What is Transgender Discrimination?

Your gender identity is a protected class under federal law, which means your employer cannot treat you differently or discriminate against you. If your employer does discriminate against you based on your gender identity, your rights are likely being violated, which means it is time to call on legal representation.

We urge you to reach out to our Rochester transgender discrimination lawyer right away if you are being discriminated against at work based on your gender identity.

New York State protects “non-employees” as well. Legal protections are extended to contract employees, vendors, domestic workers, etc.

We are here for you when it is time to learn about how to get justice when you have been discriminated against.

Examples of Transgender Discrimination at Work

One example of transgender discrimination is if you were working as a salesperson doing really well, but when you began transitioning, your employer took you off of your accounts because they were worried about how clients would view the company.

Another example is if you were applying for a position where you were experienced, qualified, and came highly recommended, but the interviewer asked if you were transgender. You didn’t provide them with an answer, and they do not offer you the position.

Lastly, if you hear that there are layoffs coming in the company, and you are the only person to be let go, you should contact a transgender discrimination lawyer to see if you are entitled to legal remedies.

What to Do When You’re Being Discriminated Against

If you think you are a victim of transgender discrimination, please give us a call right away. But in the meantime, you should make an effort to keep track of any incidents of harassment or discrimination that you experience at work.

If you continue to perform your job to the best of your abilities, your employer cannot blame your performance for your termination.

If you have an employee handbook, consult it, and follow the policies that are in place to help you when you are being harassed or discriminated against.

Collect evidence in the form of hard copies and store them at your house, not your office desk.

What Legal Remedies Exist?

There are several legal remedies that you are entitled to if your transgender discrimination lawyer wins your case. When you win a case, you may be entitled to receive back pay, which is the income and benefits that you lost due to discrimination. This would be appropriate if you were fired or demoted based on your gender identity.

Further, you may be entitled to receive front pay, which accounts for income and benefits that you will lose out of in the future. The amount that you are entitled to is based on how long the court determines it would take you to get a position that is at least equal to what you made before your wrongful termination.

We may be able to reinstate your position if you choose whether you have been fired or were denied a promotion.

If you have been to therapy or have suffered pain and suffering due to transgender discrimination, you are likely entitled to compensatory damages for that.

Lastly, if your lawyer wins your case, you will be entitled to compensation from your employer to pay for your attorney fees as well as any costs that went into building your case, such as expert witness fees.

Call Our Rochester Transgender Discrimination Lawyer Today

If your rights are being violated based on your gender identity, you deserve to have a lawyer in your corner fighting for you. Our employment law attorney Michelle Cimino is passionate about helping victims of transgender discrimination get justice. We urge you to call us right away to get your consultation scheduled.

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