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Gay And Lesbian Discrimination Lawyer in Rochester, NY

In the 21st century, we have a world where laws have continually adapted to reflect the lives of people that live in it; we have a world where technological advancement is at its peak and still progressing; we have a world where governments strive to make environments safe for their citizens and despite these positives, we still have a world where gay and lesbian discrimination exists,


The idea of being gay or being a lesbian is one that stems from one’s sexuality, and different sexuality exist. A person is gay when they are attracted to someone of the same sex, while lesbians are those that are attracted to women. Therefore, gay and lesbian discrimination arises when people are treated unfairly and differently when they are known to either be gay or lesbians.

Gay or Lesbian Discrimination; The Acts Of Discrimination

The form of discrimination being witnessed is one that cuts across all facets of the lives of the individuals affected. They are often faced with being continually harassed or assaulted as a result of their choices in anywhere they are found.

The sad reality we have is that this discrimination is perpetrated everywhere; it is right there in schools, in religious gatherings, in workplaces, in public places like restaurants or bars, as well as even in homes that these people come from.

In 2020, a Devon Robinson was arrested in Detroit for killing two gay men. On 29th June 2019, in Moscow, a drunk man attacked two gay men physically and eventually killed one of the men.

In recent times, and even to date, there have been countries that frown at gays and lesbians, even going further to recommend the death penalty as punishment for anyone found to be “culpable.”

In workplaces, some people are denied promotion for being gay or lesbian, and they are often paid less in companies they belong to. Also, jokes about gays and lesbians are common in workplaces. They are also subjected to incidences of physical assault, hate mails, and also threats of losing their jobs or lives. Not only are they subjected to all that have been mentioned, but they are also at risk of losing their lives when they finally make complaints.

The educational sector is not left out as gay, and lesbian students are subjected to bullying by their classmates and even teachers. They are openly abused or even harassed without receiving any form of protection from the school. Teachers are not exempted from such actions as the war is against anyone that is gay or lesbian.

The above are the forms of gay or lesbian discrimination witnessed by gays and lesbians, and such acts happen frequently enough.

The Struggle in Reality

In recent times, we have had the International Community calling for States to ensure that people are treated fairly and equally in any place they are found in irrespective of their sexuality. We used to have discriminatory laws against gays and lesbians and a move in recent times against States getting such laws repealed to accommodate everyone.

However, we still have states that frown at gays and lesbians and employ any sort of demeaning tactic to drive home the point that their sexuality is not welcome in such a society. This exposes them to physical assault, unlawful arrest, denial of access to basic amenities of the state, and not having access to any form of justice as a result of the unfair treatment.

As of 2017, more than 70 countries frowned at gay and lesbian relationships, and even now in 2020, we still have this problem. This shows that while some nations are striving to accommodate the rights of these individuals, some nations are making it impossible for these persons to be expressive.

Huge progress for gays and lesbians in 2020 can be traced to Switzerland, where voters widely supported a proposal to strengthen anti-discrimination laws. Also, gays and lesbians can now openly marry in different countries in recent times. There is hope that this sort of action will continue to be widely carried out until there is the law to support gay or lesbian discrimination all over the world without any exception.

The Implication

Where people are constantly deprived of opportunities they rightfully deserve, they are rebuked for their existence by necessary implication. This affects them mentally, emotionally, psychologically, or even spiritually.

It sends a message that gay and lesbian are not accepted in a particular place or they don’t belong to a particular place and this, in turn, reduces their safety as they not only don’t have to deal with rejection, they equally have to deal with protecting themselves from extremists that are likely to harm them or even demand a change of sexuality from them.

It should be noted that ideas shape the world and ideas make the world a better place, gays and lesbians can think like every other person and also bring beautiful ideas to the table, however, when they are discriminated against because of their gender, the world suffers a loss and that only makes the pace of growth and progress slow.


Rejection is in no way new to humans, but mostly, rejection is not forever, and for whatever period one is subjected to it, one never remains the same. This goes for gays and lesbians who are discriminated against as what they are facing, simply, is rejection. It is in no way right to subject a person to continuous damage that would always negatively affect their mental health.

If you or anyone you know has been subjected to gay or lesbian discrimination, whether in Rochester, NY or anywhere in the world, don’t be silent about it. Silence means acquiescence. Contact us. You are not alone in this fight, and we intend on fully employing the full weight of the law to grant you your due compensation under existing laws.

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