Can I Relocate To Another State With The Children?

A question that I’m asked quite often is can I relocate to another state with the children. The answer to that is going to depend on many, many different issues. It’s a very complex area, and we can discuss that and discuss the best ways to go forward in that situation during a confidential consultation at my office.

Parents need to keep their custody agreements in mind if they are considering relocating far enough that it will create a hardship for the parent with visitation rights. The parent has two options. He or she can ask the other parent for permission. Those who go this route need to get it in writing. The parent can also petition for custody modification.

If your spouse has relocated to another state with your child and didn’t have your permission, we can help. We will use all legal resources to get your child back into your custody. This can include filing a violation petition in Family Court and contacting the police. Your child’s safety is of our utmost concern, and we will not rest until he or she is safely back home.

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