Can a Wage Attorney Sue My Employer?

Can a Wage Attorney Sue My Employer?

Unfortunately, people are taken advantage of by their employers all the time. If you believe that your rights are being violated, you are likely looking for a wage attorney. We can help sue your employer if you are not getting paid the way you should be. Call our office right away to schedule a consultation. Let us help you get justice.

Making a Claim for Wage Discrepancy

In New York State, the Minimum Wage Act requires that employees who do not receive tips should be paid at or above $11.10 per hour. The minimum wage is going to reach $15 per hour after increasing annually. This will put tipped employees at $10 per hour. If the federal minimum wage was increased to $15 per hour, there would be over 19 million workers that would see a pay increase.

If you do not receive the minimum wage as a non-tipped employee, then your rights are likely being violated.

When an employer is not giving you the pay that you are legally entitled to receive, it can make your financial situation near impossible. There are far too many employers are taking advantage of their employees. They do not give the appropriate pay and they don’t pay over time even if you clock over 40 weekly hours. When this happens to you, a wage lawyer can help hold them accountable.

You should also be aware that some employers will deduct pay from you illegally. An example of this is if they take money from you when things are broken or damaged at work. Our Rochester employment lawyer can help you win back the unpaid wages your employer has held from you.

Get Your Unpaid Wages

We can help you file a claim with the NYS Department of Labor to receive the wages that have been withheld from you. They will be the ones to return those wages to you once we put in the claim. Your claim will be investigated, and you can receive any wages that were unpaid or withheld. They will also look into any deductions that were illegally taken from your pay.

Employers are also not allowed to appropriate tips or take illegal kickbacks from wages. That, too, will be investigated.

If there are any further agreements between you and your employer that garnered unpaid wages, you will also be entitled to that. These can be benefits or wage supplements. These include things such as vacation or sick leave, holiday pay, and expenses you were supposed to get reimbursed for.

Your employer has an obligation to tell you explicitly what you are given in terms of vacation, holidays, sick leave, personal days, etc. This can be done in writing on your employer’s policy.

Call Our Wage Attorney Today

If your rights have been violated by your employer, we can help. When you are missing pay from your check that should legally be there, you deserve justice. Give our employment lawyer a call right away to set up a consultation. We want you to get the pay you are entitled to right away.

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