Former local judge Matthew Rosenbaum accused of rape, forcing aide into oral sex in his office

Former local judge Matthew Rosenbaum accused of rape, forcing aide into oral sex in his office. Rochester sexual harassment attorney Michelle Cimino was interviewed by Ally Peters of CBS News 8 WROC to provide insights on the disturbing allegations.

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If you do, we have two convenient locations. You can come to our Webster or Rochester, New York, offices. Bring your evidence with you during this meeting, so the attorney can review it. Don’t worry if you don’t have much evidence yet. Your attorney will also investigate the case for you. The investigation might include interviewing your coworkers and requesting documents from your employer. Each piece of evidence will help us build a strong case.

Sexual harassment is incredibly painful. It makes you feel powerless and hopeless. We are here to restore what your harasser has taken from you. Contact us for a confidential phone consultation today.

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