What If The Father Refuses To Acknowledge Paternity?

What happens if the father of your child refuses to acknowledge paternity? You can bring a paternity petition, and there’s different ways that that can be established, either in court or by agreement. If you or your loved one is facing a paternity issue, please contact my firm to arrange a confidential consultation and we’ll discuss all of your options.

Oftentimes if the mother is the custodial parent, the father might deny paternity to avoid paying child support. A paternity test might be needed to establish paternity. The court can order a DNA test to ensure that the man is the father. If he is, he will have to pay child support.

The father can also request a paternity test to establish paternity. This is done to get visitation or custody rights.

If the father of your child is refusing to acknowledge paternity, or refusing to take a paternity test, contact our office today. We can help ensure paternity is established and help you obtain the child support you need to move on with your life. Schedule a confidential consultation today.

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